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D R Harris Sandalwood Bath Soap 150g UWC8HfGl

D R Harris Sandalwood Bath Soap 150g UWC8HfGl

  • Modell: UWC8HfGl
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Product description A touch of luxury that only such a gorgeously intriguing scent can provide, the D R Harris Sandalwood Bath Soap should be your accompaniment whenever your needs are a bit richer. Containing all you could possibly need in a modern soap, it lathers quickly and lasts significantly longer than less natural equivalents. Fragranced with Sandalwood, the soap's complex and stimulating blend of invigorating Eucalyptus and spicy Bergamot serves as a means of accomplishing a great cleanse that embraces the company's 200 years of storied history.D R Harris Sandalwood Bath Soap isn?t a lightweight selection, being 150 grams of solid soap that?s always produced to the highest possible standard. Triple-milled, it produces a plentiful amount of lather for thorough cleansing of even the roughest skin. Overflowing with moisture, the soap keeps skin fully hydrated throughout the wash and long after for the softest skin possible.Apply D R Harris Sandalwood Bath Soap to body during shower or bath and lather before rinsing.
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